Teacher – Cathi Young
Tutor of English as a Second Language

With an emphasis on Pronunciation

Will Schedule English Classes

To accommodate your time schedule and location

Kuroneko Support Club

8520 Castleton Corner Drive,  Indianapolis, IN 46250

Non Kuroneko Support Club members will be responsible to pay the entrance fee – please call 317.578.4156

Other possible locations

Greenwood, Shelbyville, Franklin, Avon, Fishers, Carmel, Greenfield

Your apartment club house or your home.

Call Cathi Young @ 330.631.5980 or email to discuss scheduling the session of your choice for you and your friends to begin improving your English pronunciation

Each session consists of 8 90 minute classes
$150 per person

Fee may vary depending on number of students registered

Fee includes printed lesson materials
Payment to be paid in full at first class of each session

Session 1
American English ‘R’ Sounds Lifter ‘L’ and ‘N’ Sounds American English Vowel Sounds

Session 2
American English Airflow Sounds ‘F’, ‘V’, ‘H’ Lip Sounds ‘P’, ‘B’, ‘M’

Session 3
American English Airflow Sounds ‘th’, ‘S’, ‘Z’, ‘sh’ Stop Sounds ‘T’ and ‘D’

Session 4
American English Velar Sounds ‘C&K’ and ‘G’ Affricate Sounds ‘ch’ and ‘J’ Glide Sounds ‘W’ and ‘Y’

Plan Your Lesson!

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